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Residential Window Cleaning

We Care!

When it comes to residential window cleaning, great care is taken when working in your home. Screens are carefully removed and cleaned with soap and water outside of the house, dried, and reinstalled. Window frames are wiped down with professional microfiber cleaning rags. Windows are wet, scrubbed, and squeegeed clean. QWC only uses professional window cleaning squeegees and constantly changes old or worn-out squeegee rubbers. This is the key to producing quality results.

Animal droppings, paint, and pollen are scraped off using industry-approved window cleaning razor blades.

When cleaning interior windows, drop cloths are placed on the floor to prevent dirty water from dripping onto the carpet or floor. Ladder bonnets are placed on the top of ladders to prevent any markings on white walls when cleaning high windows in the interior of the house.

So, whether it's commercial or residential window cleaning, QWC has an attitude similar to that of the Boy Scouts; that is to be "kind, courteous and helpful" and, most important of all, "be prepared." QWC is fully prepared to clean any type of window, anywhere on the island, at any given time. You can count on Quality Window Cleaning for our experience, excellent service, and affordable costs.

We pledge to provide the highest value in window cleaning service. We will deliver superior service to every customer, every time, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our commitment to this pledge is your guarantee of quality performance.

Cleaning a High Rise Window Man Cleaning a Window Equipment On a Roof

High-Rise Window Cleaning

When it comes to high-rise window cleaning, QWC's own safety, as well as the safety for others, is our main concern. Our ropes have a tinsel strength rated at 7000 lbs. The equipment we use to hang off of has a rating above 6000 lbs working load. Ropes are inspected for safety as they are lowered. Barricades are set up below when we are cleaning, utilizing warning signs to prevent people from entering the area below. QWC pays close attention to OSHA regulations and is a proud member of HAWC (Hawaiian Association of Window Cleaners).


Our rope access technicians all have a minimum of two years of apprentice training before being allowed to work on a boson's chair independently. Our apprenticeship training consists of learning the flowing: proper knots (bowlines, cloves, figure eights), primary line, safety line and tiebacks, safe rigging procedures, rappelling on ropes, climbing techniques, self-rescue procedures, block and tackles, midair line transfers, and rope protection, along with a long list of other safety issues that may arise on a daily basis. Our supervisors must have a minimum of ten years' experience are also members of HAWC. Apprentices also become members of HAWC after two years and move on to journeymen. We assure you that our personal have been fully trained in the high rise industry.


Our rigging equipment is up to date, and our ropes, chairs, harnesses, and linkage are inspected after each use. Old or chafed ropes are cut up or dis-guarded. Our equipment is double-checked each and every time we go over the edge. Our roof rigger is specially designed to work on flat rooftops or where any weight cannot be allowed on the par-pit wall. With 405 lbs of weights on end, at a four to one ratio, it has a shock load value rated at 1620 lbs. Its support beams are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, making the total weight of the roof rigger less than 500 lbs.