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Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, QWC first determines the makeup of the carpet, whether it is commercial (low-grade carpet) or residential (plush carpet).

For commercial carpet, we use a combination of an oscillating bonnet and steam extraction carpet cleaning methods. Carpet cleaning soap and spot removers are pre-sprayed onto the soiled carpet. The oscillating floor buffer with the bonnet underneath it spins and agitates the carpet while absorbing dirt onto the bonnet. The steam extractor wand passes over the carpet again with plain water, extracting any soap or dirt left behind. Heavily soiled spots are pre-spayed, agitated, and extracted a second time to ensure quality results.

If we are cleaning a residential carpet, first, the carpet is pre-sprayed, followed by the Rotovac™ steam extraction method. The Rotovac carpet cleaning head uses six rotary spray jets and extraction wands to agitate and extract dirt from the carpet producing outstanding results. Here are some recent photos.

Due to the dark color of the carpet, it did not seem to be heavily soiled, but our extraction process proved otherwise when the dirty water was emptied out of the machine and into the toilet. QWC uses biodegradable soaps and products that are safe for the environment. Dumping the dirty water down the toilet is advised by the Environmental Protection Agency as dumping it on the streets or on the ground is considered harmful to the environment. QWC always pays close attention to these guidelines.

QWC uses only modern carpet cleaning equipment. This equipment is the newest in technology, eliminating the wand (in most cases). When your carpet is really dirty, why settle for wand cleaning? A manual wand cleaning relies on the limited strength and stamina of the operator and only cleans from two directions. This equipment is designed to clean your carpet from all directions with 1500 mechanized cleaning passes per minute. With this patented equipment process, your carpet will look, feel, and stay cleaner longer.

QWC will completely clean your windows and carpets.

Rotovac Carpet Restoration System

Man Cleaning a Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Demonstration

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